If you specifically looking for energy and stimulation there are a lot of Kratom strains ideal for you. There are also a lot of articles over the internet discussing different effects, dosage as well as the preparation methods of Kratom. It can actually be puzzling to new Kratom user in identifying where to start.

Kratom Powder

It would be best to research and learn the best strain of Kratom that you are going to take if you are new to kratom. What the dosage should be and the effect that you want. And there a lot of common methods in taking Kratom Powder. See which works best for you. You may also need to do a trial and error beforehand, starting with a low dosage then slowly increase the amount of dosage intake.

Kratom powder typically ingested rather than being smoked. And there are several ways to take it. First is toss n’ wash. This method is the simplest and fastest way to take Kratom powder. This method is being done by pouring your preferred dose of burniva products

Kratom powder into your mouth then drink or have a gulp of water right away. Also, if you don’t want to do it in one go you can split your dose into two, this way it will be easy for you swirl and swallow. Toss n’ wash is the best way to feel swift effects and also the most common methods since it does not require too much preparation.

Next is the tea method. This can be done by boiling Kratom powder for 30 minutes. And it can be consumed cold or hot and the taste is not that bad. Even this process is time consuming, still many of the users said that they feel better after using this method and provides consistent effects.

Another method is mixing Kratom powder with hot water. After straining the leaf residue, take the strained liquid. This method is fairly effective but this kind of tea method could limit some aspect of the effect sometimes. If you wish to use Kratom powder in tea form it is better to do a testing to find out the variation of the effects.

In addition to this, you can also add the Kratom powder to your Protein Shake or even yogurt. Other users suggest this method to cover the taste of Kratom powder. It is also best to drink Kratom on empty stomach to attain the effects. Adding Kratom powder to your protein shake is just same as with the yogurt the only difference is that you will be taking Kratom with more calories.

According to the users, kratom strains vary from one person to another. However, in general user’s experience increased physical energy, more alert mind and even sexual energy, ability to work hard and the elevation of mood. When taking kratom as an energy booster or for stimulation, most of the users claimed that they feel better with lower dosages. And higher dosage is likely to cause sedating effects. It is better to experiment in order to find out the ideal dosage for you.