Different people have different religions. It is accordance to what you like. It is about the belief you know and your parents or even your grandparents been chosen. There are also some Non-denominational church. It is depending on what you believe and what you know about something. People will not force you to be part of hem. You have the freedom to choose which one do you think it can help you or you can trust with. A lot of people change their beliefs and cultures now and then and it is very similar to what people you knew about it. You can change your religion base on what you like englishcollege.com san diego classes. You can change your belief on what you think is right.  If you are not satisfied with the one that you have right now, it is your choice to choose something that might help you in the future and believe to what you can do.  


There are many kids of religion in this world. We are going to know which one has the most population or number of believers.  

CATHOLIC CHURCH: It is led by the Pope, or bishops. It is believed that church is composed of one god.  

BAPTIST CHURCH: It is one the largest and having the most diverse numbers of believers. They have the freedom of expressions, speech and thoughts. They also have the belief about faith.  

METHODIST CHURCH:  They have the belief about there is an obligation to be bear a faithful Christian witness to their lord Jesus Christ. They have to fulfill their obligations to their religion and be a good follower of it.  

LUTHERAN: They believe that bible is the inspired word of God. And people should follow what is written there.  

PROTESTANT: It is one of the branches of the Christian church. They have a very deep knowledge about following the word of their gods. They don’t have a very particular belief or practices but they certainly follow some rules in their church.  

PENTECOSTAL: It is an American Christian movement that created for the holiness group around the twentieth century. There are many Pentecostal churches all over the world and they are considered very conservative socially cheating at blackjack 

MORMON: Thye believe about that God is the most powerful one.  They also believe about Jesus Christ is the son of the God.  He is the savior.  They also believe that family can be together forever.  

JEHOVAH’S WITNESS: They are one of the members of worldwide Christian religion. They believe that Jehovah is their God. They based their belief according to their holy bible.  

EVANGELICAL: Coming from one of the most diverse parts of conservative Christian Protestantism. They word for their own denomination and they focus more on assisting their own members.  

SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST- They believe about holy scriptures. They thought about God has a clearer desire to a clearer picture of the god’s character. They believe that God is their home.